SEO services Vietnam: The important role of SEO services. Quotation for professional SEO services in Viet SEO company. Quotation process of Viet SEO.

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Learn about website SEO and the benefits of web SEO

Viet SEO is currently the leading reputable and professional SEO service provider in Vietnam. Website SEO is currently considered the safest, most cost-optimized method, suitable for the sustainable development of the website. . Help bring businesses to connect with customers quickly and effectively.

Each SEO project implemented by Viet SEO will not only optimize the website to the top but also maintain a sustainable ranking. Support building branding to help optimize conversion of products and services, bringing revenue and profit to businesses.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, also known as the optimization of search engines and the most popular one today is Google.

A business that wants its products or services to be shared closer to consumers, the best method is to put your products or services on the front page of the Google search engine. This will help users quickly reach your business first and not the products of other competitors. Making it easier than ever to compete in the digital marketplace.

There are two options to help Google return search results to the top of the search engine:
  • Pay for advertising on Google (Google Ads)
  • Boost overall SEO
Each method will bring different effects and meet different uses.

When using Google Ads:

In general, using the simple way of advertising on Google, is that a business has to pay Google to be able to put information about its products or services on the first page when customers search.

This method is easy to implement, brings quick results but does not bring long-term sustainability to the business. Suitable for small-scale businesses that account for the majority of businesses in Vietnam today.

For overall SEO:

The way SEO brings a tremendous power to businesses, and companies are on the rise. SEO helps businesses build a strong foundation from within, compared to a solid foundation, helping to build and develop later.

It can be said that overall SEO is one of the top and necessary choices for businesses, regardless of business with any industry.

The important role of SEO services

Professional overall SEO services include services such as: Keyword SEO, Google Maps SEO, SEO Standard Content. or standard SEO article writing service, etc., in short, it still brings about a common purpose, which is to make the information about products or services, key keywords that the company wants to bring to consumers, easy. more accessible than ever.

1. Increase brand awareness and reach customers

If the website has been optimized for standard SEO, along with attractive content will help it be increasingly appreciated by search engines specifically Google. Thanks to that, the website will continuously be in the Top Google, the content that customers search from keywords, the website of the business will be the first to be met. Help customers choose a website as a place to provide information or products without being a competitor.

According to a survey, more than 40% of internet users in the world think that the top websites are quality and reputable websites. Therefore, the website to the top of google will play an important role for the business.

2. Increase Traffic

The traffic of customers on the website will help increase the amount of interaction on the website. When SEO is good, it will help the website to optimize articles, or keywords, help the website click-through rate more and also increase the website's ranking on google.

3. Improve ROI

Similar to other tools, website SEO also helps businesses increase maximum revenue. The more SEO optimized websites are, the higher the ROI will be. Especially the ability to bring revenue and profit to the business.

4. Cost savings

Compared to other types of models such as SEM, PAS, SEO always brings the lowest cost. The cost offered is appropriate depending on the type of service and the financial requirements of each person. Moreover, SEO brings long-term value to the website, providing businesses with quality and potential customer files.

In the era of diversified market economy, each field of goods and business always has fierce competition. Therefore, the important role of SEO services as a guideline must always be present with businesses if they want to develop long-term and sustainably.
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Overall SEO Services

Viet SEO's overall SEO service ensures quality, with a clear commitment to help bring maximum performance to your business website. With SEO services, Viet SEO helps you promote your brand, convert Content, focus on optimizing content to increase the number of potential customers.

With many years of real SEO experience, a dynamic and enthusiastic SEO team, updating knowledge as well as constantly updating technology, we are confident to bring you the best quality of service.

Why should you choose where to optimize your website in Viet SEO?
  • A team of personnel with extensive combat experience
  • Receive full service fee only when the campaign is completed
  • The SEO process to the top of Google is optimized. Ensure safe and sustainable SEO for the website.
  • Optimizing landing pages to bring in more revenue.
  • Support to optimize content to help bring power to the website
  • Maintain the TOP ranking for the website. Can support long-term cooperation
  • SEO costs are competitive with the market.

Website SEO services in Viet SEO

Keyword SEO: Word SEO helps website content be pushed to the top thanks to important keywords. From there, you can promote those keywords and the website will quickly reach the majority of customers.
  • Basic SEO: In Vietnam SEO is rarely used because this scale is actually just editing the website based on the evaluation criteria of google. It will not affect the website much.
  • SEO Audit: This service company will help you research and evaluate the specific status of the website. From there, we can lead to solutions as well as create website SEO plans for businesses to choose from.
  • SEO Traffics: In fact, this is an SEO method that helps businesses receive more customers to visit their website, helping to increase interaction for the website. However, there is no guarantee of rankings or keywords in Google.
  • Overall SEO: This is the service where SEO of all the services highlighted above. This service package is most used by the majority of customers because overall SEO helps to ensure the sustainability of your website, long-term and bring visitors every day.
Quotation for professional SEO services

Quotation for professional SEO services in Viet SEO

Based on the values and quality that SEO Viet SEO services bring, you must be wondering how the price at the company is. Customers are often concerned about high prices, so they are a little afraid to contact Viet SEO.

But in fact, when you have found and chosen us, you will not have to worry about the price, we will definitely bring an optimal price in accordance with the financial standards of each customer.

Quotation process of Viet SEO company

1. Receiving information:

We receive registration information for overall SEO services from customers through the form on the website or the hotline. Note: Fill in the information completely so that we have accurate information for advice

2. Enterprise research

Based on the business model of the business, marketing strategy to consult SEO for businesses, we take specific information to complete the SEO quotation.

3. Strategic research

We always research to understand competitors, keyword difficulty, customer behavior from there to analyze to come up with an accurate SEO strategy suitable for businesses.

4. Overall seo quotation

Describe the specific SEO plan, explain the SEO process, time, and resources needed from which there is a Wesite SEO Quote and specific advice according to each SEO roadmap

Services will be priced based on the following factors:
  • Keyword search volume: Choosing SEO keywords for high difficulty is also a premise to help businesses' competitiveness be significantly upgraded. Short and highly competitive keywords, also assess the level of difficulty when SEO website.
  • The number of keywords: Usually, the more keywords SEO for the website, the higher the cost will be. But with overall SEO services in Vietnam SEO costs will be significantly reduced if the number of keywords that your business wants to SEO is quite large.
  • Website status: Of course, long-standing websites and lots of good content will help SEO to the top more easily than websites with weak web structure and age. We will perform website analysis with modern tools, to give the most objective and accurate assessments to ensure stable prices for customers.
  • Keyword difficulty: The cost will be affected by difficult keywords, because when SEO difficult keywords will be quite difficult to get to the top, but if done well, it can keep the top for a long time to help the website reach more people. client.
  • Competitors: Your opponents are the big guys who are at the top, to beat those big guys need to spend a lot of time and brains, so the price also affects a lot on the market. this factor.
  • SEO progress: Usually, customers at Viet SEO will often give specific times when SEO website. The faster the progress, of course, will greatly affect the cost.
In addition, the service price at us will offer different prices depending on the package, and the type of service. Moreover, the amount of traffic required or how long it takes to top Google will determine a lot on the prices that the company will offer.

The price will definitely be in line with the quality of the service, we promise that there will be no cases of cutting customers, quoting rental prices, quoting wrong prices or raising prices as high as some unreliable services on the market today.


Hopefully the above article will give you useful information about the service, as well as help you add an additional unit to the menu to choose from. If your business already owns a website but has not had a lot of interaction and purchase conversions, then this is the time when your website is having problems. Please contact us immediately for timely repair solutions.

Viet SEO we will commit to bring you the best and most quality service. Besides, we also provide web design services you can contact to have a professional cheap SEO standard website.

Frequently asked questions about website seo services

How Much Does An Overall Seo Project Cost?

Based on the level of competition of the industry as well as customer requirements on the number of keywords and committed KPIs, the overall seo quote will be different but will be in the range of 20 million - 60 million x 12 months.

How is the SEO Quotation Process?

The overall SEO quotation process includes the following steps: Receiving customer information, Business and website research, SEO research and planning, SEO Quotation to customers.

Is There A Commitment To SEO Results?

Alo Digital is committed to performing exactly as on the contract. If it is not according to the agreement, the money will be refunded.

Time to Deploy the Overall Seo Project?

An overall seo project will usually be done in 3-12 months. Of course, there are also projects with seo time only 1-3 months thanks to the low level of competition.