Sustainable website SEO services in Saigon

Not following the operation of other SEO service packages, sustainable Website SEO services choose for themselves a "slowly but surely" direction, ensuring a unique position in the Website rankings after many times. undergo Google's periodic scanning algorithm, exclusively for businesses who want to apply the Marketing tactic: "One step forward, two steps".

As we mentioned above. The only weakness of sustainable SEO services is that it requires a long and continuous working period. It cannot be shortened as quickly as professional SEO or quick SEO nor is it suitable for businesses that want to fix and improve their business website immediately.

But after a period of applying sustainable website SEO services, your website will enjoy extremely great benefits and have an extremely high and sustainable position that is not easy to lose rankings.

Website is optimized after using sustainable website SEO services

In order to ensure the sustainability of the sustainable website SEO service package, most of the time the staff performing SEO services mainly focus on how to fully optimize the website of the company. provide products and services.

Therefore, after completing the sustainable website SEO service, the websites of the business reduce to a minimum the situation of conflicts between the pages of the Website. The cross-platform optimization of the business website is also higher than that of other service packages.

Success comes from starting to optimize your website from the very beginning.

Normally, the application of sustainable website SEO services applies mainly to new Websites created by businesses that are newly exposed to operating on Websites. Because if optimized right from the beginning, the website of the business will be completed faster and do not have to fix technical errors, thereby saving working time to complete the website SEO project. lasting.

However, it does not mean that only newly established business websites can and should use sustainable website SEO services. The service package is suitable for all cases of SEO services for the Website. Some cases who want to change the Marketing direction of the Website should also try this direction because instead of constantly competing fiercely on the website rankings.

Businesses can try to move backwards to gain momentum and jump to a position much higher than the original scrambled position. This is also a smart direction in SEO Marketing for websites of service and product providers.

High applicability and absolutely no duplication

For those who work in this SEO Marketing field, they all know that it will be very expensive to use the copy and copy command and then paste it over the content of your Website. This case usually only happens to those who do not do and do not know about the SEO industry.

They will often be severely penalized by Google with an increasing order of penalties if they continue to repeat the offense (with the lightest penalty being a suspension of the Website for a month and the heaviest being a permanent ban on the Website of the business with paying a fine is not a small amount).

So if your business wants to save time by using copying on existing articles and then pasting it on your website's website, then immediately stop and assign this work to the units. specializes in composing and writing articles for businesses or using services that specialized units provide SEO services to be effective for your business website.

Applying the linkability of Backlink and SEO

Maybe the phrase Backlink will be very strange to a lot of people, but for those who work in the field of Website design or more popular with the SEO group Internet Marketing, etc. obtained through Web sites attached to the Web, high-level classifications of domain names or files, directories, etc.

Backlink is the way to be able to navigate and master the direction of the Website, so Backlink plays an extremely important role in the operation of the Website. Google ranks Backlink as a source to vote for rating and ranking Website from there, which determines the position of the business Website on the Website ranking of the Google search engine.

In order to ensure the effective SEO of the Website, from the very beginning, the SEO service units always promote the improvement of the quality of the Backlink.

Choosing services at Viet SEO is a smart choice for your business!

To be able to trust and choose a unit that will work with and side with your business is an extremely difficult choice to make. In order to be trusted and chosen by your business unit, we would like to give you the reasons why your business should choose an SEO service unit, we become the unit with you to build the Marketing segment. of the company.

Many diverse SEO service packages but also extremely reasonable prices for businesses

As a unit that specializes in accompanying many businesses that are just starting up, we always do our best to create conditions for young businesses to be able to reach out in the marketplace by ensuring quality service. SEO that young businesses deserve, as well as service packages that help young businesses save a significant amount of money to invest in the quality of the products and services they provide.

Viet SEO believes that there is no reason to weigh down the cash problem and turn it into an obstacle to businesses on the path to development and building an empire of their own products and services. .
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Professional and experienced SEO staff

For each member of the Vietnamese SEO family, we always put more emphasis on practical experience than choosing a source of senior staff in the profession. For us, it doesn't matter how long you do that job because if you have been doing a certain job for that long, it takes that much time but you still haven't succeeded, it means you lose, you don't succeed. good enough.

Our entire staff is selected by the success they do when implementing SEO Website for businesses, we require open and creative thinking in each member as well as always appreciate ethical issues and work attitudes. Converging all those things, we confidently own a human resource: Young - Successful - Professional and Ethical.

From there, it is possible to ensure the interests of businesses, ensure that businesses are working with a reputable and talented unit. That is the right of businesses when working with an SEO service unit!

Implement website SEO according to the right process

We have rules set out from the very beginning when working with customers:
Therefore, Viet SEO we always have to ensure the right of the business unit to cooperate. Make sure to complete SEO services earlier than before or on time as extended in the contract. For each unit working from business to service, time is always gold.

Having to work longer than the contract period is considered a waste of time and unprofessional by us. So we always do our best to save time for your business and unit.

Viet SEO we do more than simply support reasonable prices for your business!

More than simply price support for your business, we are here to provide your business with everything you need to fully exploit the fertile online land from your device. Design SEO standard Website, operate SEO standard website and meet quality standards to support you to compete for the top position on search engines, assist you in finding SEO Marketing errors of your business and immediate remedial support.

For Viet SEO's staff, if you don't do it, then you have to do it until, we have to make sure that your business can enjoy all the benefits after using the service. at our SEO service provider.

Website SEO process

Stages of website SEO in Vietnam SEO

The first step: start analyzing the SEO Audit of the business website

At the first stage of implementing SEO for your website, we need to know the overall quality of the linked business website. In parallel with the process of starting to analyze your Website, we will begin to find and research keywords that can be used for your Website pages.

Depending on the number of products and services that your business offers, the period of research, analysis and keyword selection can last from five to seven days or with a large number of products or services. and if after analyzing the SEO Audit, too many problems are discovered, the time may be extended from twelve to twenty-four days.

Analyzing the SEO Audit of the Website is one of the indispensable first steps to evaluate the quality of your business Website, which can help us offer your business the right SEO service packages for your business. the situation that your business website website encounters.

Second step: start fixing the errors that exist in the Website and run Technical SEO

In the second stage in the implementation of SEO website of your business, as soon as we have found out all the errors that exist in your Website, affecting the online telecommunications marketing problem of the supplier. provide services and products.

In general cases, it may take fourteen to twenty-eight days to start correcting errors that exist on the Website, with some cases having fewer problems during site inspection. Website, the time to fix errors can only last within two weeks and right after that, you can put into a technical SEO test run specifically for your business.

But even if your business website has many problems, our SEO services will still ensure fast working time but high technical quality to be able to complete the project on time or within the specified time. of the contract.

The third step: start your SEO content optimization

With the stage when our unit starts the optimization work after searching and fixing all the errors that exist in your business website, this is one of the stages where we take a lot of time. best. This process takes a long time because it is not because it is time consuming due to Content SEO optimization.

Business-specific SEO content is always the most time-consuming part of the process because this is the content that determines how customers will evaluate the quality of the business.

At the planning stage before implementation, the Content section is also the part where the marketing department of the business and our service unit work the longest to be able to finalize the common ideas and deliver the results. provide a reasonable direction for the marketing direction of the business.

Building the Website's SEO Content will usually have to be worked continuously from nineteen to twenty-nine, thirty days to be able to complete all the content as well as optimize all the SEO content. processed and installed in the Website.

Fourth step: start linking and synchronizing the pages included in the Enterprise Website

The fourth stage is that we start linking the pages in your business website and run synchronously all the pages that exist inside the website of the service and product provider. Creating a link between the pages included in the business website is extremely important when it directly affects the ability to sell and provide services of the business.

For example: Your business provides all services from A to Z, when a customer comes and chooses your business website to be able to buy and use service A, the website has been manually translated.

SEO service will not only let customers buy and use A service, we will cleverly link other services of your business to make customers see mutual support. between the services your business provides and the convenience of purchasing and using your business's available service packages.

Thanks to this method, with only the initial need to buy and use service A, customers are more likely to buy and use other service packages such as B, C, D, ... that your business provides. give them more. Thanks to linking and synchronizing the Website pages, we can sell more products just thanks to a keyword that has been provided through SEO services for your business.

Fifth step: We start to invest and build perfect Backlink

So here we stop as we have almost completed all the items that need to be worked with the associated business websites, but this is the part that takes the most time as well as the cause of the delay. SEO service time ranges from thirty to sixty days or even can extend to sixty days to one hundred and eighty days if necessary.

As we mentioned above, Backlink is a voting box so that Google's algorithms can evaluate the quality of your business website from which it will arrange and decide whether to view your website's website. What rank will you be in?

Therefore, after completing the fourth step of the working process, our staff will have to start working strictly with the Backlink of your business website, just the existence of a small error. We can say that the effort and meticulousness of the whole process has become a success.

Google's Backlink inspection scanning algorithm will scan and record errors of your business website, thereby turning it into the reason why no matter how improved your business website is, it can't stand in such high positions as the top. one to the top ten on the search rating toolbar of Google is.


And the above is all general information about the service packages that our service unit provides for businesses that intend to find a unit specializing in providing SEO services for the market in Ho Chi Minh City. Chi Minh.

As one of the units that has been very honored to cooperate with young businesses and well-known corporate chains, we believe that the mission of SEO services is not only to enrich themselves but also the owners. The key is how to push the revenue of businesses that have trusted our services to a great direction.

With the help of SEO services we provide to businesses, success in promoting Marketing communications in virtual markets is not a promise, it is a certainty that will happen. Thank you for trusting and reading all the general knowledge in the profession that our unit shares, our honor and success is to accompany and serve the interests of the business. Friend. Sincerely thank you and see you in the following articles to share specialized knowledge about SEO.
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